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30 Sept 2013

Arts Forum! Here's the agenda....

Tomorrow (1 October) I will be chairing the Arts Forum.  I have chaired this forum for a few years now and resurrected it after it was scrapped during the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

 It's always a highlight for me and it's attended by people really passionate about the arts in Reading.  We have some great discussions and I always learn something new.

I sometimes hear criticism that there is nothing happening with the arts in Reading but scratch the curafce and there's a huge amount going on.

The Arts Forum is in the Kennet Room at 6.  Here's the agenda:

  • Reading Prison/Arts Centre Redevelopment
  • The Reading Art Exhibition
  • Reading Arts Business CLub Artists/Busineses Speed Networking Event October 29th 2013
  • AOB
  • Future meeting dates 8th January 2014 & 8th April 2014
We always like to see new faces and would welcome organisations suggesting agenda items for future meetings.

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