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11 Oct 2013

We're Battling against energy price hikes! Freeze That Bill!

Tomorrow Reading Labour will be holding a street stall campaiging against energy price hikes
with a petition and will have information about The Freeze That Bill campaign.  We had planned this street stall well before Southern Electric annouced their 8.2% price rise so it is now even more relevent.  Join us:

Outside Battle Library

Saturday 12 October

10.30 am

Apparently Southern Electric only make less than £2 profit a week.  When I got this letter today I wondered if I was meant to feel sorry for them.  They say they will only get about the same profit as last year.  Last year the company behind Southern Electric made half yearly profits of £398 million (see here).

During winter 2012/2013 families struggles to afford fuel.  I know people who had to decide between heat and food - a choice no family should have to face. 

The Labour Party say:

'Since David Cameron entered Downing Street, energy bills have risen by almost £300 a year for families, while businesses say energy is the second biggest cost they face.'

Ed Miliband announced at Labour’s Annual Conference that a One Nation Labour Government will put a stop to unfair price rises by freezing energy bills up to January 2017, saving a typical household £120.

To deliver fairness in the long term, we will reset the energy market, increasing competition and transparency, introduce a simple new tariff structure, and replace OFGEM with a tough new energy watchdog from January 2017.'

Our parliamentary candidate Victoria Groulef said: “When the price of energy increases energy companies pass this on but when it drops consumers don’t see their bills fall.
“The bill freeze would help families across our region who are facing a rising cost of living crisis and it encourages the industry to be fairer to its customers. By 2017 Labour would create a tough new energy regulator to ensure that the system remains fair for consumers. 

 “Businesses and people round here need help now, so I’m calling on David Cameron to take action and freeze our bills now before the cold snap hits.”

If you want to see what you can save then use the energy calculator here.

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