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11 Sept 2013

Hot off the press: Oxford Road NAG public meeting!

I regularly attend the Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG).  It's a very effective NAG, gets a lot done and we councillors get to hear about things we maybe weren't aware of. 

We also use it as an opportunity to bring issues to the table to make sure other community groups and residents know what we have been doing, share expereinces and also formulate actions.  The NAG is also attended by the Police and Reading Borough Council Officers, so is an opportunity to ask questions and hear updates - the policing updates are especially interesting.

Last night it was agreed that there will be a public meeting to annouce the results of the latest NAG survey.  It would be great to see as many people there as possible as the results of the survey influence the NAGs priorities and, you as residents, can be vital in making a difference.

Oxford Road NAG Public Meeting

Tuesday 15 October


Salvation Army Oxford Road

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