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21 Jul 2013

Ran the Race for Life today - boy was it tough!

Well I did it.  I actually ran (or jogged) the Race for Life.  I've been training for months but the recent hot weather made me retreat indoors.  I usually set off down Alma Street, along the Oxford Road then along Portman Road then loop home via various local roads depending on the length of the run but the most I managed recently was to my allotment on Scours lane and back via my Pilates class.

I wasn't expecting today to be so overwhelming.  I was nervous about the run but had no idea how emotional it would be.  Firstly you are surrounded by hundreds of women, each with a message on their back: I RACE FOR LIFE FOR..... mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, friends the list goes on.  Each person was racing to raise money for Cancer Research hoping an end to cancer is found.  Here's why I was running:

Then you're off.  Running in a big group around Prospect Park.  Each kilometre marker was a surprise to me and I blew a kiss to the 4 km marker.  You then see the end and I must admit to a lump in my throat.  I gave my husband a wave then was done - finished!  I was handed my medal and wandered off to find my family and have an ice-cream (well deserved I reckon).

I have so far raised £253 thanks to friends, family, other Labour councillors and my colleagues at work.  I hope to get a few more pounds before I submit my sponsor money.

Will I do it again?  Maybe.  I absolutely hate running but it wasn't as horrible as I thought.  If I can raise over £250 for charity doing a half hour run then it may be too big an opportunity to miss next year!


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