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26 Jul 2013

On the picket line today!

Today I joined my first ever picket line.  I have been a member of Unite (formerly MSF and Amicus) for over 10 years but we have never called a strike at my work place until now.

It was a very civilised affair and we got lots of support from passers by - both on foot and in cars/lorries/buses.

I believe strongly in a workers right to protest against their treatment.  We should stand up for ourselves or the 'race to the bottom' will continue with our rights at work being eroded to nothing.  We should also support each other.  Very few employers put their staff first, in my opinion.  The shareholders and chief execs usually get first dibs of the profits while those working hard to achieve those profits get a poor share. 

We also shouldn't allow the economic climate to be used as an excuse for terms and conditions worsening or pay falling behind inflation.  Costs are going up but the everyday workers wage packet is not.  If our spending power is squeezed less is spent which can only harm the economic recovery.  Give people a fair wage!

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