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14 Jul 2013

Proud to be standing in Battle in 2014! Our candidates have been selected.

I'm delighted to say I have been selected to stand as the Labour candidate in Battle ward in the 2014 local elections.  Labour party members have given me their 'seal of approval' by selecting me again.  All our other candidates across the town have also been selected and it's a very strong team!

I have enjoyed the last 3 years as a Labour councillor for Battle ward.  It's hard work but worth it when I see changes in our community or someone pops into our advice surgery to say thank you.  You can see a snapshot of my work here:

In The Press
Into Battle 2013
Into Battle 2012
Into Battle 2011
Into Battle 2010

Looking forward we still have lots or work to do.
  • We await the publication of the results from the consultation on the £1.5 million secured for local residents. 
  • We have the Oxford Road to look at and how the opening of the Cow Lanes bridges will change its character.
  • We have fly-tipping to tackle.
  • We have residents to work with to prevent Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) in various sites.
  • We have to work with the Police & Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) to work with to find a solution to streetworkers in and around Lorne Street.
Please continue to get in touch with any issues you have within Battle ward. You can visit me at one of our regular advice surgeries, tell us when we knock on your door or contact me using any of the details in the Get In Touch page.

I can promise I'll be working hard for residents in the next year, and if elected again, for many years after.

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