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6 Jan 2013

Joining In With Natures Calender

The Woodland Trust run Natures Calender which asks anyone who wants to to look out for natures 'firsts' when you are out and about.  Inspired by seeing a flowering snowdrop yesterday outside the Civic Offices I joined up (I am already a Woodland Trust member but it's free to non-members). 

The data you gather can be used to spot trends in nature - early/late flowering for example.  These may be indications of a changing climate.  It is important to record these changes as they could threaten plants and animals, especially those that cannot move quickly and may find their usual habitat no longer habitable.

I also thought it would be a nice thing to do with my boys when we are going on walks as they provide downloadable materials like spotters guides.  I like to sneak a bit of education in without them realising!

If you would like to join please see here: http://www.naturescalendar.org.uk/

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