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10 Jan 2013

Gaming Centre Appeal Next Week!

We have been informed that the appeal against the planning committee's decision to refuse planning permission for a gaming centre at 365-367 Oxford Road is on Tuesday 15 January from 10am in the Waterhouse Chamber at the Town Hall.

When an adult gaming centre was suggested, it became clear that this was not something our community wanted.  There were many objectors at the planning committe expressing their very real concerns that an adult gaming centre would be a focus for anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Gul Khan and I made it clear that this was not a suitable site for this type of activity, the others are either in the town centre or in non-residential areas.  Battle and the Oxford Road is largely residential and it's an area people see improving and one they want to see continue to improve!!!

Those who objected in the first instance should have received an invite to the appeal.  Please let us know if you haven't.  A strong community representation can only be beneficial.

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