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22 Aug 2012

We love Rhymetime so we'll see you on Friday!

I am going to be at Rhymetime on Friday, partly for fun, but also to speak to those attending. 

It was brought to Battle Coucillors attention that attendance was to be limited to 60 adults per session.  We met with the library team to talk about this as we don't want to see people being turned away from a library activity.  It's tough enough getting our of the house with babies and toddlers in tow without it being a wasted journey.

The boys and I will be having a good sing then staying after the 10.30-11 session to talk to people about this proposal and any other local issues they may have.  I've said before that we are trying a few new things this year and this will mean we get to speak to a new group of people.

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