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10 Aug 2012

What's happening above the old Co-op? UPDATED

UPDATE 15 AUGUST 2012: This planning application is no longer going to Augusts planning committee as it's not considered ready yet. 

As Councillors we are notified of the planning applications received in our ward.  One of the recent ones received is for flats above the old Co-op, now a Costcutter.  We have heard that residents are concerned about this development so we have asked it be considered by planning committee and have sent the following to local residents:

'Dear Resident

Over the last twelve months or so a number of local people have expressed an interest in what might be happening to the first floor of the old Co-op building. I thought you might like to know that this week we learnt that an application for planning permission to redevelop the first floor of the building has been received by Reading Borough Council and is currently out for public consultation.

Members of the public who live in the locality are invited to comment on the application. This can be done by writing to: Louisa Johnson, Civic Centre, Reading Borough Council, Reading RG1 7AE or by email: louisa.johnson@reading.gov.uk or you can contact me at: sarah.hacker@reading.gov.uk and I will pass on your comments. Your comments must be received by no later than Monday 13 August 2012.
The application is for three x 2-bed flats and six x 1-bed flats with external roof terraces. You can view the plans and associated documents on the councils website: www.reading.gov.uk.  Click the front page link: view planning application and then click the link: Enter PublicAccess for Planning.  In the search box type in application reference: 12/00749/FUL, this will take you to the application summary.  Click the documents tab the click: View Associated Documents.  This will open a list of documents that you will be able to view in Acrobat Reader.  To open a document click on any of the blue dates to the left.'
We have extracted the plans for you so if you only want to look at the plans without having to navigate the council’s website click here.
Please let me, Cllr Maskell or Cllr Khan know of you have any comments or concerns and we will pass them on.


  1. My one concern with the proposed development would be one of parking. As a resident of a nearby road, I am all too aware of the impact which another 9 properties could have, especially as some will be multiple occupancy.

    Conversely, if permits are denied these properties, their desirability will drop and they may end up being vacant or causing homeowners difficulty in selling.

  2. Thanks for your comment Nick. Some very good points.