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1 Sept 2012

The growing season comes to an end...

Well I harvested the last of my potatoes last night.  I have been more successful than I thought.  The potatoes have been great.  They are Charlottes grown in bags and I have had loads.  I chose them because they are my favourite salad potato and I guessed it would save a bit of money growing them myself.  I got enough to say I have made a saving!

Another success has been the runner beans despite slugs and snails doing their best to scupper me.  They are variety White Lady and are still going strong.  The beans are tender and tasty even if they get big.  No strings or 'toenails'.  I am definitely growing them again next year.

My blueberries, strawberries and raspberries have done well but I am still go get a courgette a decent size without losing half to those pesky mini beasts!  The rhubarb, which I thought I had killed last year, has already provided a crumbles worth and has another crop ready.

Not having much space means I have to think hard about what to grow.  I am going to try and squeeze in another crop of potatoes but the winter months don't provide much.  I have some tiny cabbages still growing so fingers crossed I get to harvest them in a few weeks.

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