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17 Apr 2012

National Gardening Week! Get growing folks....

This week is National Gardening Week.   As my previous posts make blatantly obvious I love gardening.  I think I have been inspired by, and hopefully inherited the skill of, my maternal grandmother.  I have nothing but fond memories of her garden in Caversham and have chosen plants based on those memories - peonies, potentilla, lambs ears (not sure of their real name - they have soft furry leaves) and roses.

You don't have to have a big garden to grow things and enjoy gardening.  While I rented I grew things in pots so I could take them with me.  My huge bay tree started as a 15 cm plant in a pot.  I still grow fruit trees and veggies in pots and troughs as I don't have the space to have them in the ground.

It's not too late to start some seeds or buy a few plants from your local garden centre and I have picked up many a bargain from car boot sales too.  It's doesn't have to be an expensive hobby and growing fruit and veg can save money in the long run.  Definitely worth a go.

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