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10 Apr 2012

Good Oxford Road #rdg NAG this evening

I try to get along to as many Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) meetings as possible as they are an excellent way of sharing local information.  Tonight's was attended my local neighbourhood groups, Reading Borough Council (RBC), the Oxford Road Community Policing team, RAHAB and councillors from Battle and Abbey wards.

The main item for discussion was residents concerns about prostitution throughout the Oxford Road NAG area.  The police assured us they are focusing on the problem, targeting kerb crawlers and helping the street workers get the help they need.  They are also focusing on street drinking and drugs, often linked problems.

We were also pleased to hear RBC are working on a 'hotspot' map to identify areas were dog fouling is a particular problem.  Many residents have contacted us concerned about the state of the streets.  Dog fouling is absolutely a problem caused by careless dog owners and RBC are planning a series of educational events throughout the town, similar to the one trialled in Whitley.

We also talked about the Oxford Road Fun Day on 30 June.  Hope to see some of you there!

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