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29 Apr 2012

From Cllr, and candidate, Gul Khan - Oxford Road Black Bag Up-date

Below is an update from Cllr Gul Khan on his campaign to get the black bags on the Oxford Road cleared away and a solution found to the mounds of black bags  seen far too often.  You can view Gul's blog here.

Action Agreed
Black bags will be collected daily until a permanent solution 
to this unacceptable situation is agreed
I recently highlighted the accumulation of bulging black refuse bags along the Oxford Road (Into Battle, local election edition 2012).
I said that the situation developing along the Oxford Road was totally unacceptable and that I would be contacting the council insisting they take strong action to stop this kind of abuse happening.
I am pleased to be able to tell you that following the discussions I had with the council and the lead member for the environment the following has been agreed
  • Black bags will be collected on a daily basis until a permanent solution to the problem can be agreed.
  • There will be a review of collection days, landlords/residents responsibilities, enforcement, lack of recycling, use of on street bulk bins for domestic waste.             
  • Agree a strategy to effectively tackle illegal fly-tipping and the dumping of trade waste.
After the election I and my colleagues and the lead member for the environment will be holding a meeting with senior members of the Streetcare team to agree how bet we can stop the kind of abuse we are seeing along the Oxford Road. It is clear that those who are dumping the black bags have no right to do so.
We will also be considering the issue of those big industrial refuse bins. I was recently in West Ealing where there are terraced shops similar in character to those on the Oxford Road. What struck me was that there were no piles of black bags and no industrial size refuse bins on the streets. As part of our review of how refuse is stored and collected I will be asking council officers to visit other local authorities to look at how they manage refuse in areas similar to the Oxford Road.
I will let you know how things progress.

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