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30 Sept 2011

What a week!

I was trying to think what to post about after such a busy week then it struck me - why not talk about the week I have had?  Being a councillor is a very varied role, one which I am really enjoying.  Not all weeks are like this one but it does give a good snapshot!

Monday - Not council related but to do with my role as a Learning Rep with Unite the Union;  I had a brief meeting to discuss some ideas for learning related activities at work.  In the evening I had a governors meeting at Oxford Road community school, where I am a Local Authority governor then a Battle branch meeting where Labour members in Battle ward get together to discuss local and national issues.

Tuesday - Work and then the Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) meeting.  It was a public meeting where the new priorities were announced.  Councillors from Battle and Abbey attended.  It was interesting to hear what concerns the local residents have and they will be something we work with the NAG and local police to tackle.  The list is here.

Wednesday - I should have attended an Internal Scrutiny meeting but the heavy cold my son had given me prevented me from going.  There was me hoping for a picture or painting from his nursery, I just got given a cold, sore throat and dizziness!

Thursday - The first of the Battle Let's Talk events.  A fun session.  I built a toilet out of the Lego provided to represent the under-use of Kensington Park because it doesn't have toilet/changing facilities. 

Friday - The second and final Let's Talk event.  Different from the first as they are directed by those who attend.  This time I made a Lego garden to represent the hidden potential of front gardens/balconies in Battle that could be turned into floral displays or used to grow veggies.  I mentioned that I remembered fruit and veg shows in Caversham when I was a young girl and it would be fun to have something like that again - maybe a front garden competition to tie into Reading In Bloom along with you classic giant leek/funny shaped carrot comps.

Saturday (tomorrow as I write this) - New governor training.  The role of school governor is an important one and this training should help me develop my role. I am then taking my eldest to a birthday party and, once home, collapsing onto the sofa and watching Strictly Come Dancing.  Gutted to be missing the town meal in Forbury gardens (what amazing weather for it) and the Zumba taster sessions.

In amongst all this I have been dealing with residents queries and reporting various dumped items I notice on my travels within the ward (mattress on Wantage Rd and Alma Street for example).  A busy week indeed, but an enjoyable one.

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