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22 Sept 2011

Oxford Road NAG public meeting - open to all

The Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) meets on a regular basis and is attended by local residents groups, clubs, community teams, the neighbourhood policing team, Reading Borough Council officers and councillors.  I try to go as often as I can as it's a useful forum for sharing concerns and information.

The NAG has been running a residents survey over the last few months both on paper and online.  There will be a public meeting next Tuesday (27 September) 7.30-9 at Oxford Road Community School where they will announce the top three priorities identified by the survey. 

The NAG does a lot of work in the community, for example litter picking and tidying the Central pool carpark, working with the council and police about safety concerns in Kensington Park and a recent tidy up based around the YMCA.

Please do come along.

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