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25 May 2011

The real reason the Tories/LibDems are cross about Mayor

Last year the Tories and Lib Dems got a taste of power and they want more.

Without a Tory or Lib Dem Mayor they are unable to win the vote in the council chamber without support from the Greens.  Why you ask?  Simple. 

In the event of a tie the Mayor gets the deciding vote.  If the Greens abstain from a vote it will be 22 votes to Labour and 22 to the Tory/Lib Dem/Swaine 'coalition'.  The Mayor decides who wins.  With a Labour Mayor, the Labour Group will win.  If it was a Tory or Lib Dem Mayor, the 'coalition' would win.

For there to be a stable administration we need a Labour Mayor.  It is a shame the tradition of deputy becoming Mayor couldn't continue but I am sure, if they were in our position, they would do exactly the same.

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