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6 May 2011

Congratulations Cllr Chris Maskell and Reading Labour

Well, what a day.  Election time is always stressful and exciting at the same time and never more so at the count at Rivermead.  You can usually get a rough idea as to how the voting has gone when they start separating the votes into parties.  They then count the ballots into 25's then the 25's into 100's and the 100's into 500's.  Once they get to this stage, where the winner has a large lead, you can almost count the ballots and guess the result.

This is what happened in Battle ward today.  The Tory candidate had one 500 and some extras and Cllr Chris Maskell had two 500's and some extras so it was obvious he had won.  The final result was:

Chris Maskell (Labour): 1373
Imraan Ishtiaq (Conservatives): 690
John Oakley (Lib Dems): 230
Alan Lockey (Green): 181
Michael Diamond (Common Sense): 81
Jean-Marie Pascual (Roman): 30

It is an excellent result for Cllr Maskell.  He has worked hard for Battle in the past and will continue to do so.  You can visit his website here.

For the full results you can visit the Reading Borough Council website here.  Reading Labour as a whole had a great day holding all seats and gaining Redlands, Church and Katesgrove.

Congratulations Cllr Chris Maskell and Reading Labour.

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