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25 May 2011

The hard work begins

The Mayor has been made, the Deputy elected and leader of the Council in place (despite Tory and Lib Dem heckling and protestation and Cllr Swaines Green goody bag).  Labour are back in control with a manifesto to deliver.  It will be a challenging year as we have to work with the Tory/Lib Dem budget and further cuts from the Tory led Government.  We also need to act quickly to protect our NHS.

Battle Ward councillors will continue working hard for Battle.  Some of the issues we have in progress are:

Fly tipping
Anti-social behaviour
Drug use
Street workers
The Oxford Road Area Study

Please get in contact if you have any comments or concerns and report any issues so they can be dealt with.  You can reach us by email, phone, through the Council website and, of course, by post.  You can also pop into to our monthly surgeries at Battle Library.

I have also taken on a few more responsibilities this year:

Arts Forum
Transport Management Advisory Panel & DiscretionaryParking Permits Appeal Panel
Internal Overview & Scrutiny Commission
Vice chair of the Labour Group

I am looking forward to the next municipal year, serving the people of Battle Ward and Reading.

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