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20 Apr 2011

Dumb blondes? Let's not feed a stereotype.

As you can probably imagine I was quite surprised to see that I  was mentioned in a small article in the Reading Post discussing Cllr Daisy Bensons hair colour.  I am sure it was meant in jest but all it does is reinforce the stereotype that blondes are dumb.

I quote Cllr Benson, in an article where she said she wanted to shake of any notion of being a dumb blonde. 'I've been blonde for quite a while, but I can't remember when I first had highlights. I guess serious times call for serious measures, and politics is a serious business'.

Eh?  Politics is a serious business, representing the people of Reading is a serious business.  Hair colour isn't.

Changing the colour of your hair doesn't change your intellectual powers, how seriously you take your work or your abilities.  Hair dye isn't magic.  Isn't it time we dropped stereotypes based on appearance?

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