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17 Dec 2010

Is snow on the way?

I Tweet and follow lots of interesting people and organisations, one being the Met Office. This morning they Tweeted a Flash Weather Warning for heavy snow - a 60% chance of disruption in Reading.  Bother.
Before last year I would have been overjoyed.  To me snow was fun, time off work and pretty.  Now I just see it as a dangerous and disruptive nuisance.  But because of last year I have decided to get prepared and have rock salt at the ready, a sledge to go shopping with and, if Royal Mail get it to me, a snow shovel.
I have seen the councils winter weather plans and gritting routes and they seem very good.  The gritters were out before our recent snow shower and I hope they will be out today.  Let's hope the Met Office are wrong and it doesn't happen.

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