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18 Dec 2010

Follow the snow code

Well the snows arrived.  At 5am there was nothing (the joys of a small baby mean you get to see 5am) and by 10am it was a good 5cms thick.  Already the 'clear your path and be sued' rumours are doing the rounds which are fundamentally untrue.  The snow code gives clear advice on what to do - just be sensible and don't clear a frozen pavement with hot water which will freeze creating an ice rink. If I can find the spade under the snow I'll clear the path outside our house.

Other than a trip to the path, we are staying in.  We use cloth nappies so they won't run out, have enough food to last until Tuesday at the least and we can always walk to the shops if needs be.  We bought a sledge so can slide the shopping home on that.

Not everyone has a home in this cold weather though.  If you or any member of the public find someone sleeping rough in Reading and would like advice or information, please call St Mungo’s on (0118) 958 5002 or email readingspot@mungos.org

Stay safe!

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