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10 Dec 2010

Fruit and veg

Told you it would be life and politics so here's a bit of life.  I warn you, these blogs are likely to be random. 

I am a keen gardener, although a little slap dash at times, and my sons early arrival in July meant most growing attempts were a disaster.  2011 is going to be different (no babies for a start) and, as I don't go back to work until July, things will have a good beginning.

I have been trying fruit AND veg but usually ended up growing stuff noone ate like french beans.  Next year I am turning the garden into a fruity delight.  I am adding a few patio trees to the raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and existing cherry tree and have a blackberry and tayberry on the patio waiting to go in.  Courgettes and tomatoes will also be grown (technically fruit) and the veg concession will be bucket potatoes.  No point growing things I can buy cheaply at the supermarket (British grown of course) so these new additions should be money saving too.

Fingers crossed!

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