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1 Oct 2017

An unexpected Corbyn connection

I love family history.  Who Do You Think You Are is one of my favourite TV programmes.  My own family history is a very mixed story.  I have ancestors who descended from the Danes in Yorkshire (allegedly), fled Russia during the pogroms of the late 19th century and with a political streak from Bradford and Glasgow.

My mum's family have been involved in politics for a long time.  Joseph Burgess is my great great grandfather.  He was a journalist and Labour politician and was active in the creation of the Independent Labour party and Labour party.  He was a member of Glasgow city council too - a city I have visited several times in the last few years.

My great uncle was Wilfred Feinburgh who was a Labour politician and MP.  This was something I've known about for some time but I only looked a little closer this weekend.  Goodness knows what my children thought had happened when I gasped audibly and said something along the lines of 'no way'.  My great uncle was MP for North Islington - where Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, is MP!

The MP for North Inslington with the great niece of a former MP for North Islington
It was great to go out campaigning yesterday spreading the Labour Party's message of Hope.  The party, under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership accompanied by an excellent manifesto, is larger than it's ever been and it's filled with energetic, inspired members fighting to return a Labour government. Last year I proudly signed a letter supporting Jeremy Corbyn's second leadership bid.  I knew it was the right thing to do and it seems I was correct!

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