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12 Sept 2017

Swept Away By The Reading-On-Thames Festival

The Reading-on-Thames festival has reached its half-way point and, so far, it's been a joy.  I was at the launch of the festival on Friday.  We were treated to sea shanties and Ma Bessie as we sailed along the Thames.  A few of us caught a glimpse of a kingfisher as it darted along the bank and we were  all reminded how lucky we are to have such beautiful water-ways in our town.

Tonight I was at another launch.  This time I opened the Rivers of the World exhibition at the Weller Centre in Caversham*. Greater Reading Schools took part in an art-based learning project alongside schools around the world.  Reading schools were paired with schools in Nepal - a very apt pairing considering our large Nepalese community in Reading.

All the pictures were excellent but also varied.  The themes were interesting, thought provoking and, in some cases, biscuity.  I cannot recommend the exhibition more highly.  It's open until 17 September 9-5 daily.  Here are a few on my highlights:

Art works by The Wren, The Bulmershe Scool and Maiden Erlegh School
There's still loads to see.  I'm really looking forward to Reading's Royal Burial by Reading Between the Lines (Friday evening at The Oracle) and Rivers Stories by Walk the Plank (Saturday evening at Caversham Court Gardens).  Head to www.readingplaceofculture.org/reading-on-thames-festival/
to the treats in store for the rest of the week.

*It's not made it to Google maps yet so search for Amersham Road Youth & Community Centre.

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