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13 Sept 2017

Lifting the public sector pay cap - just not good enough!

So Ministers will now have the opportunity to allow pay awards to public sector workers above the 1% pay cap currently in place.  Police officers will get a 1% pay rise and 1% unconsolidated 'bonus', which is a one off payment which is not carried forward into next years pay.  Prison officers get 1.7%.  What about the rest? Nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, civil servants and council staff?

Public sector pay rises have been way below inflation since 2010.  Any pay rise below inflation is effectively a pay cut - your wages are not keeping pace with the cost of living and your 'buying power' reduces meaning your money has to stretch further and further.

From Jereny Corbyn's Facebook page

This is not sustainable nor is it fair.  The lifting of the cap does nothing to address the fact public sector wages have fallen behind inflation year after year.  It does nothing to address the fact we now have nurses using food banks.  It does nothing to address falling living standards while food, rent, utility bills and fuel costs go up.

It is expected the paltry pay rises will come from existing budgets so where will the money be moved from?  What cuts will we see to fund these pay rises?They should be funded by a government that appreciates its workers.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said at TUC conference in Brighton "A pay cut is a pay cut. We must be united in breaking the pay cap for all workers."

I am a trade unionist and you have my support. Public or private sector, we workers deserve decent pay!

At the March for the NHS earlier this year with mu union, Unite.

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