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19 May 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Girlguiding County Annual Thanks & Celebration Evening

I sometimes think one of the many reasons I stood to be a councillor is my time with the Girl Guides - 2nd Reading Guides at St Georges.  They instilled in me a sense of duty to my community which has never left me so I was very pleased to be invited to the Girlguiding County Annual Thanks & Celebration Evening on 24 April.

The evening started with a presentation from 5th Tilehurst Guides who have been very busy.  They got us all up to date with their success as National Heros for Trading Standards with their loan shark badge (I blogged about it here). 

What next for 5th Tilehurst Guides?

They also talked about #Girlguides Make Informed Decisions a peer to peer alcohol awareness project they are doing along with Reading Borough Council.  They will also be designing a responsible retailer award for licensed premises - something I know the Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group would welcome.

The Tilehurst Senior Section told us about their trip to Ghana to help build an orphanage and there were long service and special recognition badges awarded.  I also met a current 2nd Reading Guides.  They are still going but are based elsewhere.

We were also told all about the Brownies 100th birthday celebrations and the Big Brownie Bash.  They looked like they had a great time and their uniforms are so much nicer than my brown cotton dress with wooly hat!

It was lovely being back with the guides.  I even spotted Thirtover Place on an exhibition board where I had a very damp but fun camping experience many years ago.  We didn't have modern tents and a wash block though!  We had canvas you couldn't touch when wet and chemical loos we had to empty ourselves.  How things have changed.

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