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19 May 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Annual Council Meeting of the Berkshire Federation of Women's Institutes

I was invited to attend the Annual Council Meeting of the Berkshire Federation of Woman's Institutes (WI) on Monday 20 April and the Hexagon.  I hot footed it from work and was greeted warmly.

I found the whole meeting very interesting.  I really didn't know much about the Women's Institute apart from that I learnt watching Jam and Jerusalem.  We did sing Jerusalem but there was not a jar of jam in sight.

The theme was Inspiring Women and it was also the WI's centenary!  There was the usual business of an AGM but there was also a very inspiring talk by National Chair Janice Langley.

There was also a talk on Lady Brunner and the WI by her son Sir Hugo Brunner and there is an exhibition on the topic at a nearby National Trust, Greys Court, where she used to live.  We recently made a quick visit  to see the bluebells but I am going to go back and take some time at the exhibition.

There were awards given for a variety of topics.  I was very pleased to hear there was a competition to design bee hotels!  Bees are very important to our ongoing food production.  It was suggested I should join but I'm a bit busy at the moment but it's certainly something I shall consider in the future.

Wasn't really a photo taking event however I did get this snap of Janice Langley the National Chair

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