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13 Feb 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Whitley Research Project - Presentation of Results and Recommendations

As I've said before being Deputy Mayor means a varied diary.  Yesterday I attended the presentation of the results of the Whitley Research Project by Fusion Youth and Community UK at St Agnes church in Whitley.

The team involved with the project, and who did the presentation, were Dr Claire Bankole, Revd Anika Parker, Skye Leon and Kim Anderson. 

They have spoken to people and groups throughout Whitley to identify the challenges faced by this community.  They have used this information to produce a report and recommendations on how to strengthen the community of Whitley and help them overcome the difficulties they face.

It was a very interesting and positive event.  Whitley has many strengths but, like the Oxford Road and West Reading, they are often tarred with an unfair reputation. The report identified the changes that need to be made for people living in Whitley to fulfil their potential.

I have a copy of the report and look forward to reading it.  You can download a copy here:

Click here to see the report.

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