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3 Feb 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Caversham Primary - school councillor badge presentation

Well today was my first engagement since the Civic Carol service in December.  I was invited by Caversham Primary School to present their newly elected school councillors with their badges.

Caversham Primary has three school councils - the main one, the charity council and the eco-council.  Each one has an elected representative from each class from Reception to year 6.

Each child's name was called out and they stood up looking as proud as can be.  I shook hands with each of the main school council councillors and they we given a round of applause and their badges.

It was lovely to be invited to make this presentation.  I believe it's important that children understand the importance of voting and democracy at a young age.  I reminded them it is important to listen to their class as they are not elected to represent themselves but  the whole class.

Who knows, I may even see one of them elected as a councillor in 10-15 years!

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