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20 Jun 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Reading Arts & Music Week

Wow - what a brilliant evening.

I was privileged to open Reading Music & Arts Week today.  Reading has a large and vibrant Arts community.  It's not just paintings but sculpture, fashion and music.

The exhibition at Novotel Reading this weekend is full of beautiful and thought provoking works of art from Reading artists.  Not only were there contributions from residents but also from groups like Launchpad and children in care.

Alongside local art are some wonderful pieces from Reading Gallery's collection including Van Gogh, Gainsborough and Henry Moore.

None of this could happen without the volunteers and sponsors of Reading Arts & Music Week and they must be thanked.

The exhibition if free to view so this weekend get along!  Maybe you'll be inspired to enter a piece of work next year.

My husband checking out a pice by local artist Hubert Bowers
Hubert's entry
The bird is my contribution to Arts Week
A pice from Reading Gallery's collection
A piece from Launchpad
With a Van Gogh!

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