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23 May 2014


Firstly let me say a big thank you to the residents of Battle ward for electing me for a second term as councillor.  Another big thank you goes to all the volunteers who helped during the election.  Without our members and volunteers we could not have done all we did.

The last four years have been hard work but also so very rewarding.  I am privileged to get another four years to make a positive different to the place I love.

For all the results click on the picture (from www.reading.gov.uk)
We have lots planned already.  As well as our regular advice surgeries we will be at the Oxford Road Fun Day again.  We also plan more street surgeries and street stalls and you can, of course, get in touch if you need to speak to us.

Tonight I am putting my sore blistered feet up and having a take-away (of course from one on the Oxford Road), tomorrow the hard work begins again.

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