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16 Mar 2014

Reading Food Growers Network & flexing my green fingers

Well spring appears to have finally arrived.  I know I have probably jinxed the weather and we'll be under 10 cms of snow next week so I shall apologise in advance - sorry.

After a ridiculously wet winter I am finally getting my food green fingers into gear.  Last June I finally got the allotment I had been waiting for.  It really was a awkward time of year as I'd missed the start of most veggies but I bought some youngs plants from eBay, got in a few seeds and started growing.

I won't lie, an allotment in a lot of hard work, especially when it is a grassy as mine was when I got it, but it has been so rewarding.  It's been lovely to get digging and see the things I plant actually grow.

Getting my allotment has 'levelled me up' in terms of growing food but, as I've said before, I've grown fruit and veg for years, starting off in pots when we rented and now in my back garden.  I was delighted to find that there was a food growers network in Reading and last year I attended it's launch.

I was pleased to get an email this weekend telling me about their Spring Event.  Here is some info in case you want to get involved too.  You can contact them at rfgn@risc.org.uk.:

'Planned for our Spring Event:

Saturday 5th April 2014 from 12.00 - 14.00

RISC Hall, RISC, 35-39 London St, Reading

1. New RFGN Website Launch:

The new Reading Food Growing Network website will be demonstrated and officially launched.

2. Seed Swap Event

As requested by many at the launch event we will be hosting a seed swap event.
Please bring with you any seeds you wish to swap.
Please also bring any old shoe boxes and envelopes you have to spare.

3. Mobile Seed Swap Event Workshop

So that you run your own local seed swap events, there will be a short workshop on how to do this.

4. Committee Launch

The new RFGN Committee will be introduced.

5. Future Events

The Events Team will announce the dates of future events they are planning, so that you can put these dates in your diaries.

Saturday 26th April  - RFGN will have a stall at the Bean Pole Day, Caversham Court Gardens.

Saturday June 7th  - Plant swap and Question & Answer Session.

Saturday October 4th - Harvest Event, What to do with all your surplus produce.  The Abundance group will run an apple day and there will be cooking demonstrations.

February 2015 - Social event with bulk buying of seeds.'

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