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25 Jan 2014

A visit from the fire service

Last week we got a leaflet through the door saying Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue would be visiting my street. Naturally I forgot all about it until there was a knock at the door this morning.
My youngest was very excited to have firemen in the house. 

They had a good look round,  fitted two free smoke detectors to replace our old ones and went through lots of fire safety advice. I shall be doing the following:
  • Fitting a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Giving the smoke alarms a vacuum every few weeks to keep them dust free.
  • Checking they work weekly.

My youngest even got to have a look at the fire engine parked outside. As a huge Fireman Sam fan he nearly exploded with joy.
If you get a leaflet saying Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue will be popping round, I can assure you they are well worth letting in. Their visit could save your life!

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