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9 Nov 2013

Traffic changes to the Oxford Road: what do you think?

The Oxford Road is in a bit of an odd position at the moment, with is being shut just around the corner from where I live.  There is very little traffic but, as you know, this is not the norm.  The Oxford Road is currently a major arterial route from the west but changes are afoot!

In 2015 the second Cow Lane bridge will be completed meaning buses and lorries will be able to use Portman Road and Richfield Avenue when travelling from the west.  There will no longer be the current bottle neck controlled by traffic lights.  Traffic will be able to move freely.  Pedestrians and cyclists will have a dedicated route alongside the road so there will be safe access to Richfield Avenue.  It will be very different.

So what about the Oxford Road?  Ahead of 2015 Battle councillors have been part of the Oxford Road Corridor Study looking at how the Oxford Road can be changed for ther better.  On Tuesday the Traffic Management Sub-Committee approved a report to allow consultation to go ahead on changes to the Oxford Road and surrounding areas traffic flow.  The proposals are as follows:

The proposals consist of the following (taken from the full report here):-

'Cow Lane bridges - associated network improvements
  • Potential downgrade of the road classification of Oxford Road between Chatham Street and Norcot Road and re-designate the A239 to Richfield Avenue, Cow Lane and Portman Road.
  • Strategic signing review including freight routing in consultation with the Highways Agency
  • Richfield Avenue – right turn approach lane improvements to Caversham Road roundabout
  • Portman Road/Cow Lane/Beresford Rd junction improvements and review of bus gate/6’6” restrictions
  • Portman Road/Norcot Road approach lane improvements 
Identified Oxford Road corridor improvements – Phase 1 & 2
  • Oxford Road between Chatham Place and Norcot Road – On carriageway cycle lanes/symbols – Phase 1
  • Oxford Road approach to Norcot Road roundabout – bus lane  – Phase 1
  • Oxford Road westbound approach to Bedford Road – bus lane  – Phase 1
  • Oxford Road eastbound approach to Bedford Road – approach lane modifications to improve cycle access to existing bus lane  – Phase 1
  • Possible 20mph Zone/Limit – Phase 2
  • Review of existing turning manoeuvres - Phase 2
4.6 The proposals to downgrade the road classification of Oxford Road will result in a change to the current inspection regime to now take place quarterly. However, the maintenance regime will remain the same. The same process took place when the A33 Relief Road was opened and the Basingstoke Road was downgraded.

4.7 The second phase of the area study will commence upon completion of the Cow Lane works to ensure the most up to date traffic patterns are captured. The second phase will focus on existing turning manoeuvres and speed limits and parking restrictions.'

There will also be environmental improvements such as new trees.  These proposals will go out to public consultation shortly and I'll let you know when that happens.

This, alongside the £1.6 million Battle councillors secured for the area from the Battle Hospital re-development, means the next few years are going to be very interesting and exciting!

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  1. I'd be concerned about on-carriageway cycle lanes on Oxford Road, unless this was tied in with road widening (for which there is often ample room) as the traffic volume will likely still be quite high, even without the lorries.