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28 May 2013

Tackling dog mess in Battle - another day of action

Tomorrow the Dog Wardens and the Streetcare team will be holding another day of action in regard to dog mess, this time in and around Kensington Park.  A couple of week ago they were in the East of Battle ward, around George Street. 

I called for action in March after being contacted by residents (you can see the press article here) and asked the lead councillor, Paul Gittings, for further activity in Battle. 

As a resident I am fully aware how disgusting the streets can be when careless dog owners fail to clean-up after their dogs.  Only the other day I had to clean dog mess from my sons pushchair wheels.  There is no need for this to happen.  You take a dog out, chances are it will go to the toilet - CLEAN IT UP!

I was asked if there was a poster residents can print and put up and here it is:

Reading Continues Campaign to Target Dog Mess

Press Release


ANTI-SOCIAL dog owners are being targeted in a new campaign by Reading Borough Council in a bid to encourage them to clear up after their pets.

Dog Wardens and the Streetcare Environment Team will be taking part in six events around the borough over the next five months to explain to dog owners the importance of clearing up after their animals.

During a major ‘We Need to Talk’ consultation last year the subject of irresponsible dog owners who fail to clear up after their animals was regularly raised by people as an issue they found most annoying. This led to the launch of a ‘Dog Fouling Campaign’ last year.

Since last August, a total of 31 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued resulting in a £75 charge for owners who failed to clean up after their dogs.

This year’s events are taking place in the following areas:

• 15 May – Victoria Recreation Ground, George Street/Little Street
• 29 May – Kensington Recreation Ground
• 19 June – Silchester Road, Southcote and surrounding area
• 17 July – Beverley Road/Westwood Road, Tilehurst
• 14 August – Prospect Park
• 18 September – Boults Walk, Aveley Walk.

During the events the Wardens and Streetcare Environment officers will be around between 7am and 11am, and again between 3pm and 7pm. They will be talking to residents, supplying free poop scoops, giving out education material and handing out flyers giving contact numbers to report fouling offences.

Paul Gittings Reading’s Lead Councillor for Environment and Climate Change, said: “We had a very positive response to our Dog Fouling Campaign last year. It’s clearly an issue that irks many people and is one we take seriously.”


  1. Is this why someone has painted an odd pointless anti dog fouling sign on the pavement outside my house? Sure that cost money and surely no one is in any doubt that letting your dog poop ion the pavement is wrong. Who exactly is this new sign supposed convince? Have there been any studies to confirm signage like this actually works?

  2. Hello Richard

    I can ask Streetcare/Dog Wardens why they have chosen these methods if you let me have a contact email for the reply.