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21 Feb 2012

Our budget has been passed

Well, back from the Council meeting where the budget was passed with full support from all parties, apart from the Greens.

The Greens put forward a motion to increase the Council Tax by 3.5%, following what the Green council in Brighton have done.  Strangely, they didn't say what this rise would pay for.  This amendment to the budget was rejected.

Times are hard.  Many people have already lost their working tax credits, with more to follow.  Food prices are going up, energy prices are on the rise, petrol is getting more expensive again.  If you get a payrise, it is likely to be below inflation making it, effectively, a paycut.  Many people aren't getting a payrise at all and, with unemployment rising, people are facing the possibility of not having a job at all.

With costs rising faster than pay people are struggling.  I know people who are having to decide between heating and food so, when offered the choice of no Council Tax rise, or a rise of 3.5%, I know what most people would go for and it's not with the Greens.

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