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6 Jan 2012

Working Better With You - Battle

Last year Reading Borough Council held a series of Let's Talk events.  There was an on-line survey, leaflet, letters were sent out and two events held in every ward.  This all culminated in the Working Better With You event at the Town Hall in November.

It was during this event that the priorities for Reading residents were revealed.  The feed back from Let's Talk can be found as a pdf at the bottom of this page.

The priorities in Battle were found to be:

Important: Health services, libraries, public transport,
education and play activities for children

Improve: Tougher licensing laws for shops selling
alcohol cheaply, removal of street drinking around
Oxford Road.

While setting the budget for 2012/2013 the Labour administration have had the priorities of residents at the forefront of their minds.  Funds are tight and it's important that valued services are maintained and protected wherever possible.

Battle councillors Chris Maskell, Gul Khan (also our candidate in May's local elections) and I are already taking the results above very seriously.

Residents say health services are important but we have all just found out the promised medical centre on the former hospital sit will not be built.  Battle councillors have expressed their anger and concern about this massive disappointment and will be working hard to ensure residents concerns are taken seriously.

We are also considering the future of the Oxford Road once the Cow Lane bottle neck has been removed in 2015.  The road has already been resurfaced and unnecessary street furniture removed.  We are now looking for further improvements in the next few years.

We are working with local police and the Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) about concerns with public drinking, alcohol sales and street workers near West Reading bridge.

There are many other things we are working on for the neighbourhood as a whole, certain areas and individuals.  If you need our assistance, please get in touch.

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