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9 Aug 2011

Back to my roots!

This weekend I was in Derby for a friends Thanksgiving service.  I was born in Derby and lived nearby until I was about 2 1/2.  It was lovely to see the places I have been told about - Kilburn, Belper etc.  I have very few memories of my time there but it still felt special.  I didn't get the chance to visit my old house so I think we will all go for a trip and visit the places of my toddlerhood.

Reading is very much my home though, especially Battle ward.  When we moved to Reading we moved to Battle and I live here now.  I love the community and vibrancy of the place.  I am glad my boys will grow up here and go to the same school as I did.  My love for the area is one of the many reasons I wanted to become a councillor.

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