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30 Jan 2011

Letting my garden grow and saving pennies

I am a keen gardener, not great, but very enthusiastic.  I have been leafing through seed and plant catalogues trying to decide what to grow - usually a balance between ease and cost saving.  Fruit is usually the greatest cost so that will be a focus - we have a cherry tree, raspberries and strawberries already.  Blueberries went in last year to crop this year and I have a blackberry and tayberry waiting to be planted.  It's not a big garden but will be crammed!
Having read in the national press that farmers are predicting food prices will rise, growing some of our own food will certainly help.  VAT has gone up so some everyday purchases cost more and this, combined with more expensive food, will make the next year tougher on the bank balance. 

Council Tax is likely to be frozen but the Tory-led council will be making other charges to compensate such as being charged for green bag/bin collection, no more concessions for large waste item collection, more charging for parking and a focus on increased income from fines.  Council tenants will see a rise in their rent and those with mortgages are likely to see an interest rate rise as the Bank of England battles with rising inflation.

Not ready to sacrifice the flower border for veggies yet but it may become a sensible choice.

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