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26 Apr 2018

Vote for Sarah Hacker in Battle ward on 3rd May!

I am a resident of Battle ward and have been your Labour councillor since 2010. I am a mum, pensions administrator and trade union rep for Unite. I am also an equalities campaigner, patron of Reading Pride and school governor for Oxford Road Community School.

As a Battle ward councillor I have worked hard for Battle and Reading. I have: 
  • Helped secure £1.6 million of investment in my ward which has seen local parks upgraded,an extension planned for Battle Library as well as other local projects.
  • Ensured plans for pedestrian and cyclist access to Cow Lane were improved and pushed for the project to be completed in summer 2018. 
  • Campaigned for more school places.
  • Successfully campaigned for Network Rail to include disabled access in their Reading West station plans.
  • Worked with Thames Valley police to support our community and act on criminal activity.
  • Proactively engaged with, and supported, the Battle ward community helping solve many local issues such as parking, housing, welfare, school places and anti-social behaviour.
  • Listened to the parking concerns of residents in the Sherwood Street area and arranged for a resident's parking scheme to be developed and consulted on.
If you re-elect me on 3rd May I promise to continue working hard for Battle residents and for the town of Reading.  I will still hold our monthly advice surgeries, be easy to contact by phone, email or social media and will always be happy to stop for a chat should you see me out and about. 

I will continue to ensure that Thames Valley police take resident's concerns seriously, work with traffic officers to make the Oxford Road and side streets safer, represent residents in council meetings, ensure we have enough primary and secondary places for our children and continue to make Battle ward residents my priority.

I have been a strong voice for Battle ward for 8 years and, if re-elected, I will continue to fight for the best for Battle!

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