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3 Jan 2018

Our NHS is in crisis - the Tories are failing it!

You can't move today for headlines shouting about how our NHS is struggling this winter.  It's not because the staff don't care, it's obvious they are all working extremely hard!  In Reading the Royal Berkshire hospital is asking staff to do extra shifts to ensure patients get the help and treatment they need.

From Twitter @RBNHSFT

This month tens of thousands of non-emergency operations are being cancelled which can be distressing to those waiting for them.   A&E units are under huge pressure because people are simply ill.  They are being asked to go to their local GP but getting appointments is getting harder and harder.  A £4.5 billion cut to social care funding has also heaped pressure on our health services.

Simon Stevens, the NHS chief executive told the Conservative government the NHS needed an extra £4 billion in 2018 however the chancellor Philip Hammond only allocated £1.6 billion.  The government did allocated an extra £350 million for the NHS but this is clearly woefully inadequate.

According to Theresa May, the Conservative Prime Minister, "The NHS has been better prepared for this winter than ever before". Well, Ms May, you've obviously not done enough.  It is very clear the NHS is not safe under the Conservatives. 

Here's is what the Labour Party will do for the NHS when it forms a government: 


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