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11 Nov 2017

Saving precious green space in Kirton Close, Norcot

Norcot Labour have launched a petition to save precious green space in the Watermead Estate.  Current plans would see the space covered with 18 properties causing local to lose this little green lung.

Councillor Debs Absolom said "It is a build that is proposing 18 properties on the estates green space where local people walk their dogs, children walk to school, play & learn to ride their bikes, a route for all whether off to the bus stop or get some fresh air.

When this estate was built this green area was for residents and wildlife...it must stay that way."

Cllr Absolom with Cllr Jo Lovelock, Anrysh Kaur, Ellie Emberson and residents

 You can see the planning application here: http://planning.reading.gov.uk/fastweb_PL/detail.asp?AltRef=171219

You can also comment or object on the proposed development adding your voice to those already concerned about these proposals.

This map shows the area of green space that will be lost if these plans go ahead.

Norcot Labour are out with a petition Saturday 18th Nov at 10.30am meeting at Windrush Way junction on Water Road. Please join them and help save this precious space.

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