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2 Jun 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: VE Day celebrations at the Maples Centre

Things got a bit busy in May - can't think why.  Anyway it's time I finished my Deputy Mayor Diaries now that I am the actual Mayor.

On Friday 8 May I dashed from the local election count, where I was seriously over dressed (I'd dressed for the VE day theme), to join the people at The Maples Centre for their VE Day celebration.  There were lots of activities on during the day with a raffle, games, entertainment buffet and toast to those that were not here to remember VE day 70 years on.

It was clear everyone was enjoying themselves and I was lucky to hear some of the stories of VE day from some of those at the event.  At 3pm we observed a two minute silence, joining thousands across the country to remember those who lost their lives to make VE day happen.

The Maples in one of the councils day centres, along with drop-ins in Caversham and Southcote.

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