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29 Apr 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: ACRE Diversity Day

Saturday 18 April was a busy day.  From opening a pottery painting cafe I headed to the University of Reading for the ACRE Diversity Day.

I was asked to say a few words to open the event and I spoke about how diversity in Reading is one of the towns strengths and something we should treasure and maintain.

There were lots of things to do and see and I enjoyed talking to the Berkshire Carers Service, Berkshire Autistic Society and Reading Voluntary Action who told me about how they are focusing on volunteering oppotunities for 16-24 year olds (see www.RVAyouth.org.uk).

Sadly it was a flying visit so I didn;t get the chance to see everyone but I hope to return next year with a bit more time!  I also made sure everyone knew about next years Year of Culture as because I want the year to reflect our town fully.

The welcome was made by Harish Raichura, ACRE Trustee
An energetic performance by Niquelle LaTouche and friends

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