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28 Sept 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Prospects Cake Party

I have been very naughty and not kept up to date with my diaries.  It all got a bit hectic with my eldest going back to school and my youngest starting school for the very first time!  Things have finally calmed down so it's catch-up time. 

On Saturday 6 September I was invited to the Prospects Cake Party and what a wonderful afternoon it was.  It was an event to celebrate the staff, volunteers and people who use the services the charity offers.

Prospects are a charity that works with adults with learning disabilities to give them the support and skills needed to live a full life.  It also trains people to set up their own groups through churches across the country so their reach is very impressive!

We were entertained with music, dance and tricks.  Naturally I was required to join in with the card tricks!  I also got the opportunity for a little dance to the music by the excellent musicians.
Rob Wilson MP popped in at the beginning and helped me cut the celebration cake.

It was clear how much the volunteers mean to the people that attend Prospects sessions and how much benefit it felt.  It was an afternoon filled with happiness (and cake).


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