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11 Dec 2013

Helping The Homeless At Christmas

I recently passed on details of a homeless person a resident and I had seen sleeping rough on the Oxford Road.  The council have processes in place to reach out to the homeless and I thought I'd share the details in case you see someone in need of help.

This is a year round service but help is more urgent when temperatures plummet.  Here's what the team do:

We commission our Street Outreach Team to engage with rough sleepers and support them into housing and treatment services. 

Even where an individual is already known to us, it is still important for us to be aware of exactly where people are sleeping so that we are able to find them and sustain their engagement with our work to help them off of the streets and their health and safety can be monitored. We encourage businesses and members of the public to report any concerns about rough sleeping.

People can make reports of rough sleepers and rough sleeping sites to us, directly to our Street Outreach Team either by email to streetconcern@mungos.org or by telephone on 0118 958 5002.

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