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17 Mar 2013

It was a Super Saturday indeed!

Well, what a great day yesterday was.  I woke to the sound of driving rain and lashing wind and visions of soaking Reading Labour activists handing out soggy leaflets to the few bedraggled Battle residents who'd battled the weather to go the the library or the shops.  How wrong was I!

We has a great time yesterday morning.  The winds died down, the rain stopped and even the sun shone!  We spoke to loads of Battle residents and over 200 people signed our petitions against the Mummy Tax and Bedrooom Tax.  Thank goodness battle Library has a photocopier because we started running ou of petition sheets!

The turn out from campaigners was fab.  So many people out to help and a big thank you to them all!  We even picked up new supporters and members for both Battle and Norcot.

Victoria Groulef is proving to be a popular parliamentary candidate.  She got to speak to many residents yesterday who are clearly very unhappy with the Tory/LibDem government.

 The lovely day didn't end there.  The boys and I headed off into the back garden yesterday afternoon.  The post-winter tidy up has begun with earnest. While having  rummage we discovered some carrots leftover from last year.  The joy on the boys faces as they pulled up tiny wobbly carrot after tiny wobbly carrot was wonderful.  We are going to have a look through the seeds I bought in the sale last year and plan our veggie crops.

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