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11 Nov 2012

Labour: “Use your vote on Thursday to protect policing in Reading!”

Reading & District Labour Party Media Release 
11 November 2012

Labour’s Tim Starkey visited Reading on Saturday to remind voters of the importance of the upcoming Police and Crime commissioner elections.  He spent time in Whitley talking to local Labour Councillor Rachel Eden and former MP for Reading West Martin Salter about how dispersal orders have successfully been used to tackle crime and anti – social behaviour in the area. Tim also warned about the government’s plans for a 20% cut in police funding which would hit Reading hard.

Tim Starkey said: “If elected I promise to resist Tory cuts to our police numbers and to put a stop to police service privatisation.  I want to put victims at the heart of the criminal justice system and meeting people in Reading I know that they want a Police and Crime Commissioner who listens to communities and protects the independence of the police”.

Martin Salter added: “These new roles will have sweeping powers and there is a real risk that, if the Tories win in places like the Thames Valley, what police officers we have left will be diverted for political reasons from the streets of Reading into leafy Tory-voting villages. This makes it even more important to ensure that the new Commissioner is on the side of people in Reading, which is why I’m voting for Tim and I urge everyone else to do the same” 

Rachel Eden said: “Tim understands that our communities value an independent, trusted police service. With the election up in the air, each vote will count: I urge everyone to get out and vote for Tim on Thursday”

For information on Reading Labour Party and its campaigns visit www.readinglabour.org.uk

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