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22 Jul 2012

Gardening disaster

Well my optimism from the start of the year has been used up.  I'm just thankful we aren't relying on my garden goodies!

The weather has made it a tough year so far.  It's been very wet and cool and it took ages for any of my veggies to really get going.  The one warm week we had a few weeks ago saw things spring to life but  since then they have just been attacked.  I have had several beans have their stalks eaten through and one courgette plant has almost gone entirely.  The only thing really thriving are the slugs and snails.

The raspberries have battled on and the boys have been enjoying them.  The occasional strawberry has avoided going mouldy and today we enjoyed a few raw peas (although the smallest decided they weren't for him and spat them out).  The blueberries are doing ok but I am pinning all my hope on the potatoes and tomatoes, both in bags on the patio.

The most exciting things to happen are that I grew chillies from seed and my squash is still alive.  I am hoping the warm weather we are promised helps these to thrive.

I can only imagine how hard this year is being to farmers and market gardeners.

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